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Who can be a DLF Member ?

All Rotarians and their partners who have a passion for bringing the world together by exchange of culture, traditions and ethnicity can become members of DLF. Rotarians who are interested in learning about different regions, cultures & traditions are also welcome to join.

Club Membership - Any Rotary Club.

Individual Membership - Rotarian, or Annes, Annets, Interactors, Rotaractors.

What are my obligations?

Membership implies desire to send a doll to Rotary Dolls Museum which is symbolic to your region / country.

Membership implies desire to participate in our "Bring a Smile" movement by donating 50 toys ( of any kind ) for the under privileged children.

What do I receive by joining DLF?

Immediate membership in a worldwide association devoted to promoting cultural exchange, fellowship, and sharing the concept of one world in Rotary.

For Rotary Club Members : 2 pages on the DLF website for 1 year which is renewable up on sending a doll or rejoining the "Bring A Smile" movement..

  - A page on the DLF website to promote your Rotary Club's activities & projects
  - A page that you can submit on any tradition, culture or national feats that you   may want the world to know about. It can even be a unique recipe, a   monument of cultural heritage, a tradition to be respected et al.

For Individual Rotary Members : 1 page on the DLF website that you can submit on any unique aspect of your region / country.

Newsletters reporting the experiences of other members either on how passionately they have sent a doll or some cultural facts of the unknown world or ideas of members interested in all children related activities.

What is the cost to join DLF?

The DLF membership is FREE.

However, you need to either send a doll to the Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown


You need to join in our movement of "Bring a Smile" by sending us 100 toys
(of any kind ) for the under privileged children.
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Constitution and by-laws (Revised October 2011)


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