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Welcome to DLF
Why Dolls Objectives of DLF

Why Dolls

While most Rotary Fellowships are based on niche groups which share a common hobby, we made "doll" an image to share culture, traditions & ethnicity across borders of the world.

It is a proven fact that adult and children both love dolls and toys. While dolls & toys are partners in growth for children they remain a popular item of nostalgia for adults to take a trip down a memory lane of their own childhood days. The most favorite collectible still remains dolls after stamps and coins.

Doll - a wonderful medium, attracts both children and adults equally, but also can be an effective tool for education.

Doll - an amazing little "human" replica, which brings in values of tolerance, acceptance, innocence, love and care.

Doll - a "silent" messenger speaking the language of its origin, culture, traditions all draped in this toy which we, human beings may not be so explicit in projecting the same.

Doll - a "god-like" simple idol of sheer Love, Care & Concern.

                                Let's spread Love, Care & Concern !


Objectives of DLF

Vision of DLF

The vision of DLF is to create a forum of cultural & traditional exchange amongst the Rotarians, beyond boundaries of politics, religion & ethnicity.

Mission of DLF
The mission of the Doll Lovers Fellowship is to bring the world closer through out the Rotary World by sharing traditions, culture, history & life-styles.

Our Belief
Individually we are great, together we can be magnificent.

Objectives of DLF
To create a platform for cross cultural sharing with a sense of respect & tolerance for all religions, traditions and cultures.
To create an environment for Love, Care & Concern for brethren of this Universe.
To gift the childhood memorabilia of love and innocence to our friends across nations.
To create a Universal message of World Peace through the most wonderful medium of dolls.
To give a world wide momentum to our "Bring a Smile" movement for the less privileged children.

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