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Doll Lovers Fellowship - For recognition as both a Rotary Recreational and Vocational Fellowship.

Constitution and bylaws;

The Doll Lovers Fellowship (DLF) shall:


Consist of Rotarians, their spouses or family members and Rotaractors who share a common interest in dolls as a symbol of international culture and friendship who are willing to pledge to correspond and cooperate with the aims and objectives of the group as a whole.


The DLF shall consist of a group of twelve or more Rotarians from three or more countries who share a common interest in this worthwhile recreational and vocational activity.


The Group must publish a roster of members, which must be revised annually and shared with Rotary International Secretariat.


The DLF officers will be at a minimum a Chairman/Chairwoman, Fellowship Secretary and Treasurer. These officers shall be elected from the membership on a biannual basis by using a ballot-by-e-mail procedure, or by taking a vote at an annual meeting.


At least three District Governors from three different countries have approved this Fellowship.


The DLF will be self-sustaining financially, administratively and otherwise.


The DLF objectives must provide genuine opportunities for the furtherance of acquaintance and fellowship among international Rotarians and their families exclusively.


There must be no financial, commercial or political goals, expressed or implied within this Fellowship.


The DLF should endeavor to organize an annual forum through which fellowship members in good standing can interact. Such forum shall take the form of either a newsletter sent to all members of that fellowship, an annual meeting for fellowship members, or other activity appropriate to the fellowship.


The DLF Secretary must provide a copy of all such mailings or other important fellowship documents to the RI Secretariat.


The DLF Secretary must respond to any inquiries from members, potential members, and the RI Secretariat.


The DLF must be organised to function in harmony with established Rotary policy and must not use the Rotary name or its emblem in anyway contrary to established Rotary policy.


The DLF officers understand and accept that recognition of the DLF by RI in no way implies legal, financial or other obligation or responsibility by RI, or any RI district or Rotary club.


The DLF must not exist or function in any country in violation of its laws.

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